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Domino & REST: Listeners for Initialization & Destroying of a Servlet

If you need to know when your Servlet is initialized or destroyed, you can use a ServletContextListener in your application. First, create the class AppServletContextListener and implement the javax.servlet.ServletContextListener interface. This provides two methods for capturing the events: contextInitialized and … Weiterlesen

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Java NAPI: Enable / Disable Recycling of C Handles

Initialize Java NAPI „“ ); Disable Recycling session, session, true ); Enable Recycling session, session, false ); To use these methods in an agent, you have to import some Jars first.

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XPages & Domino JNA

Karsten Lehmann has published a very promising project named „Domino JNA„, which allows access to the underlying IBM Domino/Notes C API from Java. If you want to use the project in a XPages, you have to add some Java permissions … Weiterlesen

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EntwicklerCamp 2016: Ein Leben ohne Notes Client

Hier gibt es die PowerPoint Präsentation von meiner Entwickler Camp 2016 Session „Ein Leben ohne Notes Client“: ec2016-Votrag-LebenOhneNotesClient.pptx Die kompletten Sources finden sich in diesem Repository auf GitHub: ec2016-ein-leben-ohne-notesclient Bei Fragen/Problemen einfach eine kurze Info an mich. UPDATE: Hier die … Weiterlesen

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How To Crash a Domino Server in 500ms

How To Crash a Domino Server in 500ms 1. Create a Java agent and do something in your finally block (or in a ThreadDeath exception handling) which runs longer than 500ms import lotus.domino.AgentBase; public class JavaAgent extends AgentBase {    … Weiterlesen

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Things I never blogged about: XPages & Google’s EventBus

This is another topic I wanted to blog about for a long time: The use of Google’s EventBus in XPages applications. EventBus is a replacement for the Java in-process event distribution. It makes life a lot easier. My first plan … Weiterlesen

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Things I never blogged about: The XPagesExecutor Service

The XPages engine has its own executor service to run jobs concurrently in another thread: the XPagesExecutor service. Under the hood the service uses a ThreadPoolExecutor for executing tasks, so it allows to use Runnables or Callables/Futures for asynchronous computation. … Weiterlesen

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[Discontinued] Testing XPages(3): Testing the Business Logic

I will not develop my planned XPages Testing Framework further because for me it has no business case anymore. While there never was enough time to make it to a „real project“ for the daily development (full JUnit integration, deployed … Weiterlesen

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Debug Retrofit REST applications

Today I had some problems with designing a Retrofit REST application, so I needed a way to debug the request and the response from the server. After poking around, I found the HttpLoggingInterceptor from OkHttp.  It provides all the functionality … Weiterlesen

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Testing XPages (2): BrowserMob Proxy

When testing XPages or other web applications, you may want to have more control about the requests and responses during the JUnit testing. For example, if you want to test if a specific HTTP header exists in the response, or … Weiterlesen

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