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HCL, Domino & node.js

I am very happy to hear that HCL invests in Domino and improves the existing technology stack. But as a German, I have to be sceptical (it’s in our genes), because I can not see any advantage in the integration … Weiterlesen

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XPages: Running Google’s Chrome V8 Javascript Engine (2)

A while ago I tried to run Google’s V8 Javascript engine on top of XPages, and today I found the reason why my server crashed after the first click: I have tried to load the engine only once (statically), and … Weiterlesen

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REST & Security: Same-Origin Policy / CORS

The „Same-orginin policy„ is an important concept for protecting web applications. In short, only resources from the same domain are allowed, everything else is permitted denied. To allow access other domains in your application, you have to enable „CORS„, a … Weiterlesen

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XPages: WebContent Files (3) – Create a Minimizer Servlet

Because of Stefano Fois comment I decided to write an example about how to create a minimizer servlet for Domino which compresses JavaScript resources on the fly. This is, again, a simple Proof-Of-Concept, nothing more and nothing less. First, I downloaded the YUICompressor, … Weiterlesen

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XPages: Running Google’s Chrome V8 Javascript Engine

After answering a question on about the Prototype problematic in the XPages SSJS engine, I thought of running another Javascript engine on top of Domino. While you can use the JavaScripting API JSR223, I choosed the jav8 project for … Weiterlesen

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XPages: Execute Events with HTTP Get

To execute an event on the server, you normally have to send a POST request, because actions will be executed in the Invoke Application phase of the JSF lifecycle. A GET request will only process the Restore View and the … Weiterlesen

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XPages & Angular.js: AngScope for Firebug

AngScope is a „Simple Firebug extension that allows you to inspect the AngularJS scope that a DOM element binds to.“ Just do a right click on the DOM element you want to inspect and select „Inspect Angular Scope„: This gives … Weiterlesen

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XPages & Angular.js: Accessing Rich Text (1)

If you want to access Rich Text with Angular.js, an easy way to get the content is to use a XPage as handler and grab the content of a XspInputRichText component. The component does all required steps automatically (f.e. it … Weiterlesen

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XPages & Angular.js: Fileuploads

When using Angular.js you sooner or later want to upload a file to your Domino server. But to do this, you not only need some nice looking frontend, you also need some code in the backend. For the frontend you … Weiterlesen

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You might not need jQuery

I have found a very interesting website: You might not need jQuery. It contains a lot of usefull solutions for the different IE versions.

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