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Quick-n-Dirty: Upgrading XPiNC / XULRunner

I have tested a small upgrade of XULRunner (the internal browser used for XPiNC applications) and successfully changed the version from to in DDE 8.5.3 and 9.0. Version was released on 15.10.2010 Release Notes for Firefox 3.6.10 … Weiterlesen

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XPages: Use a PhaseListener for global URL commands

One of my customers wanted an easy way for printing XPages in different formats and with different content, depending of the current XPage opened in the browser. It was a requirement to develope a global solution for every XPage-based application … Weiterlesen

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Quick-n-Dirty: Dojo 1.8 & Domino 8.5.3

If you want to use Dojo 1.8 with Domino 8.5.3, you can do the following: 1. Grab the Dojo JAR file from a ND9 installation: <PATH TO DOMINO>\osgi\shared\eclipse\plugins\<VERSION>.jar 2. Create a folder „dojo-1.8.0“ in your notes data directory <PATH TO … Weiterlesen

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XPages: Add inline CSJS with a Theme

I needed a way to add some inline CSJS to an existing application which affects any XPage, that’s why I did this them with a theme. Et voilà: <theme extends=“webstandard“ >     <resources mode=“concat“>         <script>            … Weiterlesen

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XPages: Inject CSJS code at page top

Sometimes it is required to add some CSJS code at the beginning of the XPage before the Dojo libaries are loaded and are executed. This can be easily achieved by using the resource aggregation feature and including a CSJS library … Weiterlesen

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Quick-n-Dirty: How to add HTML 5 events

One way for adding unsupported events to an XPage or a component is the trick from Keith. But this is limited to CSJS only. If you need to execute a server side event, you just need change the name of … Weiterlesen

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In Ya Facet!

Using Facets in XPages is very nice, because it gives you an easy way for a global design of your application (and much more). It can be used in all XPages and their custom controls. The xp:callback element defines a … Weiterlesen

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A performance bottleneck?

Paul Withers wrote an very interesting article about the difference between a passthrough UIComponents and the corresponding XPages elements. This means the use of <br> instead a <xp:br>, or a <div> instead of a <xp:div>. A while ago I have … Weiterlesen

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XPages: The Problem with DataContext Variables

There is a large problem with data context variables if they are bound dynamically. They will be recomputed again and again, even when in Partial Execution mode and if they are not in use. Here is a small demo XPage: … Weiterlesen

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Quick-n-Dirty: Disable all validators at once

In a larger project there are a lot of forms to fill in, each form has many fields with validators and converters. During the development of the workflow it was really helpful to disable all validators at once by using … Weiterlesen

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