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XPages: WebContent Files (2) – Manipulate exitsting files using the Java NAPI

In this article, I will shortly give an overview how you can edit existing file from the WebContent folder (Don’t miss the first article on this topic). First, let’s create a view to display the design elements of the WebContent … Weiterlesen

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XPages: WebContent Files (1) – Create a file using the Java NAPI

The great Marky Roden has written an interesting article about using the WebContent folder instead of standard domino design elements. To create or manipulate these files programmatically, you can use the Java NAPI. The first example demonstrates the creation of … Weiterlesen

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XPages: Use a Method Binding as Converter

I accidentally found a way to add a method binding as a converter to a component, because I have added a managed bean as a converter directly in the source code. The DDE does not support this. If you go … Weiterlesen

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Quick-n-Dirty: Upgrading XPiNC / XULRunner

I have tested a small upgrade of XULRunner (the internal browser used for XPiNC applications) and successfully changed the version from to in DDE 8.5.3 and 9.0. Version was released on 15.10.2010 Release Notes for Firefox 3.6.10 … Weiterlesen

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XPages: Create your own Required Validators

If you try to implement your own JSF Validator (by implementing javax.faces.validator.Validator), you will notice that you are unable to check for an empty value. The reason for this is rather simple: The method validate() is only called, if there … Weiterlesen

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Quick-n-Dirty: How to add HTML 5 events

One way for adding unsupported events to an XPage or a component is the trick from Keith. But this is limited to CSJS only. If you need to execute a server side event, you just need change the name of … Weiterlesen

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Quick-n-Dirty: Import SSJS libraries with DXL

In the last time I have developed different techniques for manipulating the design elements of XPages applications. While I am still working on a way for manipulating the localization files, I was playing a little bit with DXL imports. Here … Weiterlesen

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XPages: UI for editing localization files (1)

For one of my customers I am developing an easy way for editing the localization/translation of existing XPages applications: Instead of importing and exporting the property files with the Domino Designer (which is not an option for non-developers) it would … Weiterlesen

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XPages: Lost in Translation

The localization feature is really nice and helps a lot, but you also can have some trouble using it. The first problem is that the language codes which are used in XPages are different from the language codes in java.util.Locale. … Weiterlesen

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XPages: Access resources and their content

To access XPages resources during runtime and to get their content as a string, you can use the following SSJS code snippet: <?xml version=“1.0″ encoding=“UTF-8″?> <xp:view xmlns:xp=““>     <xp:label id=“label1″>         <xp:this.value><![CDATA[#{javascript:             var url = „/WEB-INF/faces-config.xml“; … Weiterlesen

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