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High Performance REST Applications (1) – Intro

This is a new serie about developing high performance REST applications on top of Domino. It will contain my presentations from SNoUG and EntwicklerCamp this year and describes all required steps to develop, build and deploy these servlets on a … Weiterlesen

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Domino & Java 1.8: Thank you, IBM!

For years it was a lot of pain when developing for the Domino platform using Java 1.6 only. But now, Java 1.8 is available, and this allows to use the latest versions for a lot of libraries and development tools. … Weiterlesen

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Domino & REST: Debug your Plugin

When developing OSGi Plugins, you should have your own development server running on your local machine. Not only because of the faster deployment of changes (a new version of a plugin must always deployed with a HTTP restart), but because … Weiterlesen

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Domino & REST: Accessing Domino’s Environment / Check Authentication

If we want to access Domino’s Environment, it is the ContextInfo class which gives us all we need. Everything you need to do to use the class is described in an earlier blog post. The class gives mainly access to the … Weiterlesen

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Domino & REST: A basic Servlet

To have a good starting point when creating RESTful applications on top of Domino, I have created a „Hello World“ example of a JEE Application, based on Apache Wink & Jackson 2.5.0. The Jackson AnnotaionProcessor is registered into Apache Wink … Weiterlesen

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Jackson: Skip Objects conditionally

I had a simple problem when implementing this brilliant solution in one of my REST applications: As soon I was using @JsonAnyGetter / @JsonAnySetter and the HidableSerializer together, a NPE was thrown during serialization. The Problem occured in Jackson 1.9.13 … Weiterlesen

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Java NAPI: Enable / Disable Recycling of C Handles

Initialize Java NAPI „“ ); Disable Recycling session, session, true ); Enable Recycling session, session, false ); To use these methods in an agent, you have to import some Jars first.

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EntwicklerCamp 2016: Ein Leben ohne Notes Client

Hier gibt es die PowerPoint Präsentation von meiner Entwickler Camp 2016 Session „Ein Leben ohne Notes Client“: ec2016-Votrag-LebenOhneNotesClient.pptx Die kompletten Sources finden sich in diesem Repository auf GitHub: ec2016-ein-leben-ohne-notesclient Bei Fragen/Problemen einfach eine kurze Info an mich. UPDATE: Hier die … Weiterlesen

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How To Crash a Domino Server in 500ms

How To Crash a Domino Server in 500ms 1. Create a Java agent and do something in your finally block (or in a ThreadDeath exception handling) which runs longer than 500ms import lotus.domino.AgentBase; public class JavaAgent extends AgentBase {    … Weiterlesen

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Testing XPages (2): BrowserMob Proxy

When testing XPages or other web applications, you may want to have more control about the requests and responses during the JUnit testing. For example, if you want to test if a specific HTTP header exists in the response, or … Weiterlesen

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