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node.js, domino-db & Docker (10): Protecting Proton Keys

Before we are looking into the details how to setup a non-anynomous connection to Domino’s Proton server, I have an advice for protecting the key files required for the connection. The keys are not password protected, and this is a … Weiterlesen

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XPages: An optimized JavaScript Resource Renderer

Ferry Kranenburg created a nice hack to solve the AMD loader problem with XPages and Dojo, and because of the missing ability to add a resource to the bottom of an XPage by a property, I have created a new … Weiterlesen

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XPages: WebContent Files (3) – Create a Minimizer Servlet

Because of Stefano Fois comment I decided to write an example about how to create a minimizer servlet for Domino which compresses JavaScript resources on the fly. This is, again, a simple Proof-Of-Concept, nothing more and nothing less. First, I downloaded the YUICompressor, … Weiterlesen

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XPages: Execute Events with HTTP Get

To execute an event on the server, you normally have to send a POST request, because actions will be executed in the Invoke Application phase of the JSF lifecycle. A GET request will only process the Restore View and the … Weiterlesen

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XPages & Angular.js: Accessing Rich Text (1)

If you want to access Rich Text with Angular.js, an easy way to get the content is to use a XPage as handler and grab the content of a XspInputRichText component. The component does all required steps automatically (f.e. it … Weiterlesen

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XPages & Angular.js: Fileuploads

When using Angular.js you sooner or later want to upload a file to your Domino server. But to do this, you not only need some nice looking frontend, you also need some code in the backend. For the frontend you … Weiterlesen

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Problems with Handles: When the same document is not the same

Disclaimer: This will work in Java, SSJS and Lotus Script. When opening the same document from the same database in different instances, and then recycle one of them, the other documents will be recycled too, because the handle to the … Weiterlesen

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XPages: Bootstrap File Input

When using the default file upload control in a Bootstrap application, the default file upload button does not fit anymore to the design: To fix this issue, you can use a small jQuery plugin named Twitter Bootstrap File Input. When … Weiterlesen

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XPages: A Bootstrap Skin for CKEditor

I have found a very nice skin for CKEditor, the “BootstrapCK-Skin”. It gives a bootstrap look and feel to the Editor: The dialogs are also skinned: You can find and download the skin here To use the skin in … Weiterlesen

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Quick-n-Dirty: A Hotfix for CKEditor 4

Russell Maher wrote a very interesting article about using CKEditor 4 in XPages, but the current solution requires to change to HTML files directly on the server. But with this little Hotfix you can use CKEditor form a NSF an … Weiterlesen

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