Quick-n-Dirty: A Hotfix for CKEditor 4

Russell Maher wrote a very interesting article about using CKEditor 4 in XPages, but the current solution requires to change to HTML files directly on the server.

But with this little Hotfix you can use CKEditor form a NSF an don’t need to change the HTML files on the domino server:

1. Switch to package explorer perspective
2. Open the file ckeditor.js

3. Search for the variable timestamp…

4. …and remove the 4 characters

5. Save it. That’s it!

Now, CKEditor 4 can be loaded directly from the NSF.

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3 Antworten zu Quick-n-Dirty: A Hotfix for CKEditor 4

  1. Dave Armstrong sagt:

    No need to change the source – in your JavaScript, when you set up your editor, just put in:

    CKEDITOR.timestamp = „“;

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