Leaving the Yellow Bubble

A while ago I wrote an article about leaving leaving the Yellow Bubble. While I am still currently doing some IBM Notes Projects, there are more and more PHP Projects on my agenda (and some Java development too) . It takes some time to „transform“ myself out of the IBM world, and this process won’t be finished in the next 12 monthes.

During the last half year, I spent a lot of time to develop my personal project cyccle. While there was a lot of development work, most of the time I had to invest into the idea and the concept. I hope that I am able to finish it until end of this month and can start the beta phase: The datacenter is ready and under control of f-cube, and the last changes are in development. Currently I am only waiting for the new design from my partners at 13medien.net (but the daily business still has to be done).

So stay tuned!

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3 Antworten zu Leaving the Yellow Bubble

  1. Julian Buss sagt:

    Similar to my situation. I’m still doing Notes stuff, but I decided to dive into other technologies, too. In my case, that’s Mobile Development in general and Appcelerator Titanium in particular, with JavaScript as main language.
    One other base is XPage development, where is still a lot to do. But in any case, it’s a good think to get good in other technologies, too.

    • My problem is that not enough projects exist* for the daily business in the Domino world. Especially the XPages projects are still rare. I often hear from customers that they are willing to do more – but this for some years, and nothing has changed.

      At the beginning of this year, I had surprisingly a lot to do in the XPages area, but in the last two monthes the market seems to shrink back to its normal size (which means „not really existing“).

      *: Maybe there are a lot of projects, but they don’t find the way on my desk

  2. Patrick Kwinten sagt:

    Sorry to hear this. I hear this story more often.

    I am sitting in the same situation: invested a huge amount of work but a proper job cannot be found. If you happen to know a job opportunity; blow a whistle.

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