Migrating OSGi Plugins to standalone applications

I have created an example project for migrating an OSGI-based Spring Boot application into a standalone application (in the „Maven“ branch):


The application runs in the JVM of the Notes Client, only a user id is required, not a complete server installation (and ID). The benefit is that you can run as much JVM instances you want (which allows a better resource management and deployment) and it is easier to integrate the applications into existing CD environments. Also, Non-Domino developers can use their preferred IDE and are able to use existing / standard knowledge when developing Java applications.

When using the Java NAPI, you need to remove the spring-boot-devtools dependency because of problems with the class loader and Domino-specific DLLs.

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2 Antworten zu Migrating OSGi Plugins to standalone applications

  1. Henning Schmidt sagt:

    Very nice Sven!
    I took your code, updated everything to Spring Boot 2.2, removed every dependency to keep just the basics to make it work. I updated the start.bat to start the application as „java -jar …“ so that I don’t have to install maven on the destination machine. Works like a charm. Thank’s for sharing!

  2. Robert Landler sagt:

    May be this can be a solution to rescue existing DOTS implemention, since HCL removed DOTS from Domino V11:

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