Teamstudio Unplugged: SSJS & Error Messages

Today I had to fight with a mysterious error message in a XPage application which is running on Teamstudio Unplugged:

SyntaxError: missing ; before statement

This IS the message. No more information. No stack trace. No library name. Nothing!

It was a hard piece of work to find the needle in the haystack: I used the synchronized keyword in a SSJS library. Hope in future Teamstudio will provide better error informations…

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1 Antwort zu Teamstudio Unplugged: SSJS & Error Messages

  1. Martin Perrie sagt:

    I came across another one today :-

    Error evaluating script: missing ( before function parameters.

    I had included the function to ensure DbLookup returned an array and called it @DbLookupArray. Removing the „@“ fixed the problem.

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