The Voices Told Me To Do It!

1. „Create a new!“

2. „Add all required classed to the build path!“

3. „Add a useless message to the constructor!“

4. „BUILD IT!“

5. „Open the original Jar!“

6. „In WinRAR!“

7. „Overwrite the existing classes!“

8. „Quick! Start the server!“

9. „And open a XPage!“

10. „Look! It is fulfilled!“

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7 Antworten zu The Voices Told Me To Do It!

  1. Elijah Lapson sagt:

    That is great!


  2. Why the hack? This is completely supported and can be found in the XspStarterKit project on OpenNTF.


    public class CustomFacesContextFactory extends FacesContextFactory {
    private FacesContextFactory _delegate;

    public FacesContext getFacesContext(Object context, Object request, Object response, Lifecycle lifecycle)
    throws FacesException {
    FacesContext ctx = _delegate.getFacesContext(context, request, response, lifecycle);
    return new CustomFacesContext(ctx);

    public class CustomFacesContext extends DominoFacesContext {
    public CustomFacesContext(FacesContext paramFacesContext) {

  3. *sigh* your comment engine ate my faces-config.xml markup at the beginning. 🙁

    • The way to create your own FacesContext is something completely different. I didn’t wrote a new FacesContext (which would destroy the XPages functionality). I modified the existing one.

      Just think about some limitations: I can’t see a reason why there is a stupid „:“ used in the Client id’s. Or why there is no Annotation for beans implemented. Why not change that?

  4. „I didn’t wrote a new FacesContext (which would destroy the XPages functionality)“

    Why would it destroy the XPages functionality? You can extend what’s already there. You don’t have to have to start from scratch.

    And yeah, there’s lots of advantages to doing so. You offer good examples.

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