Mining Massive Datasets

I am very proud that I have successfully accomplished the MMDS course from Stanford University. It was unbelievable interesting to learn the theories and the mathematical basics of  topics like MapReduce, Web-link analysis, Data-streams, Locality-sensitive hashing, Computational advertising, Clustering, Recommender systems, Analysis of large graphs, Decision trees, Dimensionality reduction, Support-vector machines, and Frequent-itemset analysis.

It was really hard for me to follow all the topics, because I started to late (in the third week of the course), had a lot of work to do for my customers and have not seen any linear algebra since at least a decade. I had only the the nights to learn and to do the required homework. During the final examen,  my complete family was ill and I have to care them.

But in the end I did it:

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  1. Avi sagt:

    Congratulations ! your hardwork paid off

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