Re: Domino REST performance analysis

I have created a Quick-n-Dirty performance test for Csaba’s „10K record test“:

Loading time 200 ms overall, 60 ms TTFB.

Do you want to know how this works? Feel free to come to SNoUG next week or to Rudi’s EntwicklerCamp and join my sessions about „High Performance REST Applications“.

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6 Antworten zu Re: Domino REST performance analysis

  1. Csaba Kiss sagt:

    Los Alamos National Laboratory

  2. Csaba Kiss sagt:

    That’s remarkable and very exciting. Secretly, I hoped that someone like an expert yourself would show me what I did wrong. I am looking forward to your solution. I hope you will share your code with the online community, who cannot attend those meetings.


  3. Richard Moy sagt:

    If you want to make the trek, we would love to hear your presentation at MWLUG in August.

    • Thanks for your invitation, but for me the risk is too high that I am refused at the US border: I have no social media accounts that could be spied on by the border guards, my ability to sort binary trees during the control is not very good, my family and me is helping refugees from africa and I am operating multiple TOR servers.

  4. Richard, come to SNoUG – you should be able to get a flight for Wednesday!

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