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Domino & REST: Debug your Plugin

When developing OSGi Plugins, you should have your own development server running on your local machine. Not only because of the faster deployment of changes (a new version of a plugin must always deployed with a HTTP restart), but because … Weiterlesen

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REST & Security: Why HTTP GET is insecure (and the other methods too)

Yesterday René commented that submitting username and password with HTTP GET is insecure, because they are submitted in clear text over the wire as part of the URI. At the first moment, I did not give some thought about it, because it is known … Weiterlesen

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REST & Security: More about the DominoStatelessTokenServlet

During the last days I have refined the DominoStatelessTokenServlet a little bit. It is now a pre-beta release, and I think it is time to explain some details about it. While it is still a proof-of-concept, it demonstrates how a … Weiterlesen

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XPages: WebContent Files (2) – Manipulate exitsting files using the Java NAPI

In this article, I will shortly give an overview how you can edit existing file from the WebContent folder (Don’t miss the first article on this topic). First, let’s create a view to display the design elements of the WebContent … Weiterlesen

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The Voices Told Me To Do It!

1. „Create a new!“ 2. „Add all required classed to the build path!“ 3. „Add a useless message to the constructor!“ 4. „BUILD IT!“ 5. „Open the original Jar!“ 6. „In WinRAR!“ 7. „Overwrite the existing classes!“ 8. „Quick! … Weiterlesen

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XPages: Optimized Partial Refreshs (2)

With the Optimized Partial Refresh you can do a lot of nice things: If only a part of the form is sent to the server, only this part of the components in the JSF component tree will be processed. This … Weiterlesen

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Quick-n-Dirty: Dojo 1.8 & Domino 8.5.3

If you want to use Dojo 1.8 with Domino 8.5.3, you can do the following: 1. Grab the Dojo JAR file from a ND9 installation: <PATH TO DOMINO>\osgi\shared\eclipse\plugins\<VERSION>.jar 2. Create a folder „dojo-1.8.0“ in your notes data directory <PATH TO … Weiterlesen

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Notes 9: Some interesting

Some interesting new were introduced with Notes 9: xsp.client.resources.uncompressed When set to true, all Dojo libraries and CSS resources where delivered in the uncompressed version. The path changes f.e. to /xsp/.ibmxspres/dojoroot-1.8.1-u/dojo/dojo.js. xsp.client.script.dojo.html5attr When set to true, the Dojo HTML5 … Weiterlesen

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XPages: High Performance Applications

During the last months I worked on a high performance XPages application used by a lot of end users.  To get a better data throughput, I decided to use a reverse proxy for load balancing, caching of ressources, SSL connections … Weiterlesen

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XPages: The Outputstream and binary data

As wiritten in the comments, Verne is correct. I just missed the „facesContext.responseComplete()“ in the beforeRenderResponse event. If you want to get control over the outputstream of a XPage, you can use the response object from the ExternalContext: var response … Weiterlesen

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